* What is Tai Chi Gong ?

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What is Tai Chi Gong太极功?
A perspective by TH Sim
Dec 2008

You may want to know,

What is Tai Chi 太极?
What is Qi Gong 气功?
What is Tai Chi Gong 太极功?

May I share a perspective from my understanding as a Tai Chi Gong practitioner?

Tai Chi 太极 means the origin. The Chinese classic says, at the time of creation, the two opposite forces in the universe, the Yin and Yang Qi (Breath/ Force/ Energy) 阴阳二气inter-reacted with each other, merged with different elements of the universe, the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and the Earth energy, thus bringing the creation into being with diverse characteristics.

Applying the concept of Qi (Energy) in martial arts, various schools developed Qi Gong exercises
to master Qi-energy of the body to enhance health, strength and power. Qi Gong literally means the Gong Fu (Art) of mastering Qi-energy.

You are alive because your Qi (breath) is active. When your breath stops, you die (断气). The characteristic of life is motion. Your body functions due to the continuous motion of Qi, blood, oxygen, water, electro-magnetic current and nutrition flowing through your body. You stay healthy if the flow of your Qi and blood is smooth (血气通顺). Qi is the energy that drives your life. Therefore, when you practice Qi Gong, you learn to master the Qi energy in your body.

Qi Gong is the art to master the Qi energy in your body.

My motto is this: “Master your Qi, master your life!”

Now you know what is Qi Gong, so what is Tai Chi? Most people associate Tai Chi with Tai Chi Quan (太极拳). Taiji Quan is the martial art of applying Tai Chi principle in physical moments of the body, such as Tai Chi Quan 24 sets, Tai Chi Quan 108 sets. It is a very graceful art for health and self defense. Unfortunately, most Tai Chi schools and associations today lost the art of Tai Chi Qi Gong– the foundation of Tai Chi Quan. When people say they learn Tai Chi, most of the time they refer to the external form of Tai Chi Quan moments. While it is beneficial to practice Tai Chi Quan, you can benefit much more by learning both, Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Quan.

This will lead you to Tai Chi Gong. Tai Chi Gong is the complete art of Tai Chi, including Tai Chi Qi Gong, Tai Chi Quan, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Knife and other Tai Chi arts developed using the classic principles of Tai Chi. It is the authentic art of Tai Chi that can be traced back to thousand years of authentic successors.

When you learn Tai Chi Gong, you begin with Tai Chi Qi Gong to master your Qi energy within your body. You learn to detoxify your negative energy, open your meridian lines, replenish powerful energy from the universe and empower your organs and energy. Then, you can advance your practice to learn Tai Chi Quan, and continue to learn Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Knife and so on. The discipline required and the internal energy level is different at each stage.

As you practice, you can advance to greater level of mastery of Tai Chi Gong. You will gain mastery of your Qi energy, and able to channel the Qi energy throughout your body in every moment of Tai Chi exercise. You will gain instant energy, heal your illness significantly and rejuvenate your body!

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What is Tai Chi Gong?



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