How to harness your Energy in 3 simple steps?




Most people spend thousands of dollars for treatment,
yet they merely get
temporary relief of pain symptom due to
premature aging or organ failure.

So what makes the difference between
mastering Chi-Energy of your body
and agonising failure of your body?

Are you experiencing one or more of the following?

P a i n . . . . : knee, back, neck, head
O r g a n . . : weak, collapse
L i b i d o. . : potency, vitality
F a t i g u e : slow metabolism, bad circulation
H i g h . . . . : blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar
A g i n g. . . : loss memory, hearing, bone mass, hair

“The root of body failure is energy failure.” – Sim TzeHong

If you are going to doctor for treatment, you might as well
empower your organs and master your energy.

Every organ that fails can be revitalised!

You will discover the secrets in a simple to do and
instant empowering session with the
experienced Tai Chi Gong Teacher, Sim TzeHong.

There are 3 secrets
absolutely necessary to empower your organs and master your energy.
If you know them, you will gain energy and revitalise your organs.
If you don’t,…. you will struggle to watch your body fail and your organs weaken day by day,
and what’s worst is the day may come
when they be removed one at a time.

< Tai Chi energy Intensive> for Beginner

One hour training session
Guarantee to experience your Chi-Energy!

Your will learn 3 Modules:

1.  Activate Your Organs
2.  Leverage Your Chi-Energy
3.  Replenish Your Body

You will learn the SECRETS that Tai Chi masters will not teach!


TAI CHI T E A C H E R – S I M TzeHong

• Sim TzeHong is a Singaporean.
• He is an Investor, Trainer and a Reverse-Aging Practitioner
• He conducts Tai Chi Energy Intensive training
for groups, Corporates and seminars.
• He has been practicing Tai Chi Gong for over 14 years, since 2000.
• He founded a Tai Chi Gong association,
and was the Tai Chi Gong column writer
for Shi Hua News and Borneo Post in Sarawak, Malaysia(2003-05)
• He serves as an outstanding bridge
to bring ancient Tai Chi secrets to the model world
in a scientific and simple way

  • He is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English.

• His motto is ” Master Your Energy, Master Your Life!”
p T Sim


W E L C O M E !

You are welcome to join the One hours Tai Chi Energy Intensive for Beginners session,
your fee is S$ 50 ONLY!

For registration, please click the button below:

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