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My dear friends,

For over 10 years in my life, I had been working hard and progressing on my career path.I was a trainer specializing in Cost Control and related work flow in the hotel industry. I had been enjoying my career and my work experience covering 8 countries across Asia.

Nevertheless, in an economic downturn, I suffered retrenchment too. In Jan 2001, I lost my job. What followed immediately was worst,
I experienced half body numbness – a symptom of getting stroke.

The impact of experiencing middle age crisis nearly brought me to depression. I had the crisis, not one but two!

No wealth, no health!

I told myself: “if I were to die, I do not want to die being poor and sick!” But how am I going to solve my problem?

For months I had been looking for jobs, yet at the same time my numbness was getting worse with each passing day. Eventually, I got a training job on a short term contracted basis, but my body numbness perceived. Indeed, my energy level was so low that by five o’clock in the afternoon, I was dead tired and could not continue any work. All I wanted to do was to go home and sleep.

Can you relate to my story? While struggling in your job and you have to fight for your health?

I had been visiting Chinese TCM and Clinics but none of them could ease my problem. Fortunately, I had a chance to learn TAI CHI GONG. The simple exercises gave me INSTANT ENERGY and I experienced the flow of Chi-Energy right from the 1st lesson! I was over joy! In the first two months, I did the exercises twice a day. My energy soon recovered and my circulation greatly improved.

At the end of two months I felt perfectly healthy! My life was back to normal and I regained my hope and optimism in life again!

I felt I have a mission to share this wonderful art and wisdom. Since Nov 2002 I have taught hundreds of students in Malaysia and Singapore and I witnessed plenty of healing testimonies among my students.

It is my passion to pass on this art of Tai Chi Gong to you. I am committed and will accompany you throughout your learning sessions. I will ensure that each of you understand the Spirit and the Art of Tai Chi Gong and to master your Chi-energy.

I look forward to welcoming you to join our Tai Chi Gong community,
in our weekly trainings, in seminars or on line.

Yours Sincerely
Sim Tzehong. M.A.
Tai Chi Gong Teacher


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