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H E A L I N G . . . C A S E    S T U D I E S

* 3 Months Learning Exceeded 30 years of Learning *

“For the past 30 years, I have been seeking and learning Tai Chi from many renowned masters. What I learn from Teacher Sim in 3 months far exceeded my 30 years of learning. Teacher Sim is, by far, the Best Tai Chi Teacher I have met. My high blood pressure is gone!”


Dr Fong, 62, formal MP of Kuching, President of Lion Club, Kuching, Malaysia

* Womb Collapses….Healed Completely *

“My womb collapses ever since I gave birth to my 4th child. The sergeant advised me to remove it but I refused. For the past 30 years, I have been searching for alternative healing. In 2004 I learn Tai Chi Gong from Teacher Sim. Within 6 months, my womb healed completely! I regain my pride as a woman.”

Mrs Chan, 65, Housewife, Kuching , Malaysia (2004)

* Hole In My Heart…Can Work Normally *

“I have a hole in my heart and need the in-plant of a pacemaker. I need to stop every now and then when I walk because I easily get breathless. I can only work 2 or 3 days a week and I couldn’t even wash my own taxi. In fact, I had heart attack a few times, and I’m not sure if I can survive the next one. After 6 months of learning Tai Chi Gong, I could work quite normally and I can wash my own Taxi again. After a year, I could follow the Tai Chi class for 2 hours of exercise without much difficulty. My wife said she found her man again. Guess what she meant? All I can tell you is, she is absolutely happy!”

Mr Chow, 55, Taxi Driver, Kuching , Malaysia

* 20 Years of Terrible Migraine….Never Attack Again *

“For the past 20 years, I had terrible Migraine. It attacked me twice a week and when it happened, I had to close my shop. My symptom improved very soon after I learnt Tai Chi Gong . After a year of practice, my migraine never attack again. Thank you Teacher Sim. I brought my wife and son to the class and insisted that they must learn Tai Chi Gong.

Yang Jiang Xiong, 35, Retail Shop Manager. Kuching , Malaysia

* 6 Times Miscarriage…My Baby Born! *

“I had 6 times miscarriage over 10 years. I love children, but I just couldn’t have a baby! In 2006, Teacher Sim advised me to learn Tai Chi Gong for a year before I tried to conceive again, and I followed. I am glad to tell you that I was pregnant again and my baby was born in July 2008!”

SF Fong, 40, Sales Manager, Singapore (2008)

P A R T I C I P A N T S’ . . . C O M M E N T S

* Teacher Sim Is An Extraordinary Teacher *

Teacher Sim is an extraordinary teacher of his work. His ease of mind and body communicate very clearly to anyone interested in exploring this healing and enlivening art. His skill is obvious and his knowledge runs very deep. You are sure to enjoy his fun loving approach to his passion about Tai Chi Gong. Thank you again for your gift and many blessings.

pic TJ@EWC

Martin Hahn, USA, Predicament Facilitator, Warrior Camp, Oct 2008.

* Amazing For Me *

I had the chance to experience a class of Tai-Chi-Gong with Sim in Singapore, and it was amazing for me to realise how simple and easy is to feel good and comfortable with your body-mind-spirit doing a few exercises. Sim is an extraordinary and passionate trainer, I feel very grateful for everything he taught me. I highly recommend Sim as a very professional and wise instructor.

Pic sim-jen-mar

Marcelo Juri. Mexico, Purification Facilitator, Warrior Camp, Nov 08.

* Applying Train The Trainer Skills *

Great job Sim!. So enlightening to see that you have been able to apply virtually all that we have learnt from the Train The Trainer programme so effectively to your Tai Chi coaching. What an awesome effort you have done it so well to make T. Harv Eker proud! Your effort is most exemplary and a great inspiration to all the trainers in the making. If Sim can do it, so can all of us!! Congratulations – you are certainly a great trail blazer!!! Well done.

Elsie Sim. Singapore.

* Energy In My Body In The 1st Exercise *

Teacher TH Sim is incredibly generous and shared three critical keys to martial arts training in a simple and easy to follow way. I experience the chi (q i) energy in my body in the first exercise and am convinced that applying these keys, and participating in teacher Sim’s trainings, will boost my mental, physical and emotional health. This is a unique opportunity to gain real insights – leap at the chance of doing a training with Teacher Sim.

Paul A Zaman, UK, Kundlini Yoga teacher and corprate advisor.

* Delivered More Than What He Has Promised *

Teacher Sim is a real master. Tai Chi Gong has already become his second life (nature). During the first lesson, he has delivered more than what he has promised. I really want to learn from him and would recommend my family and friends to him. Thank you Teacher Sim for giving me the opportunity to learn this special skill. Thanks.

Liew Chaw Ping, IT Specialist. CPF, Singapore.

* Experienced The “Untold” Secrets *

I have great experience with Chi-gong for the first time even for that very short hour. In fact I never expect Chi-gong simple movement can help bring out the Chi Energy in me. Thank you Sim for the “untold” secrets for all of us to experience. You are indeed an amazing trainer.

Nurejah, IT Specialist,East Shore Hospital, Singapore.

* Passion and Energy *

I can feel Sim’s passion and energy in his delivery.
The 9 secrets of Tai Chi Gong are essential for everyone. We all want to have good health in a natural way.I fully enjoyed Sim’s instructional delivery. He held up our energy levels or should I say Qi levels throughout the training. Sim’s vast experience and knowledge lends a ready resource for anyone who has queries on the effectiveness and applicability of the art of Tai Chi Gong I strongly encourage you to join us.


Lim Peng Heng, Mgr Academic Computing, Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

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