* Tai Chi Gong Improve Constipation & Kidney



Tai Chi Gong Improve Constipation & Kidney Problem

— Sim Tzehong.  Jan 2008


For a healthy person, being able to release waste on a daily basis is a pleasant experience. However, if your intestines are not functioning well, neither you can absorb your food effectively nor to pass out waste smoothly. If you have constipation, the toxins stay in your body and add burden to your kidney to filter away excessive waste.

A weakening kidney also tends to accumulate stone and slow down your body’s ability to detox.

In this issue, we explore two common illnesses, Constipation and Kidney problem.


Causes of Constipation:

  1. It could result as a side effect of drugs (Iron supplements, antacids, drugs to lower blood pressure)
  2. As a result of underlying disease such as diabetes,                     cancer or colon problem
  3. Poor dietary fibers

Drug used:

  1. Stimulate the movement of the intestine
  2. Draw water to the intestine making the stool soft

Side Effects of Drugs:

  1. Stomach upset, diarrhea
  2. Body dehydration
  3. Salt and mineral imbalance

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

  • Improve functioning of the intestine, its movement, digestion and absorption
  • Combined with drinking plenty of filtered water with small water molecules, allow easy absorption & hydration of the cell

Kidney ProblemCauses of Kidney Problem:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Infection
  3. Blood vessel damaged
  4. Obstruction due to stone

“When kidney fails, it cannot filter toxin and the whole body gets infected”

Drug used:

  1. For infection – anti-biotic
  2. For blood vessel damaged – use drugs for anti-high blood pressure

Side Effects of Drugs:

Stomach upset, liver problem, skin allergy, kidney itself gets affected

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

Tai Chi Gong exercises activate the kidney and internal organs in all sessions. It stimulates blood circulation and enhances kidney’s ability to filter toxin.

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Tai Chi Gong Improve Constipation & Kidney problem


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