* Tai Chi Gong Improve High Blood Pressure & Heart Problem


Tai Chi Gong Improve High Blood Pressure & Heart Problem

— Sim Tzehong.  Jan 2008

Tai Chi Gong is a systematic and scientific way of exercise to train human body to achieve health and healing. Through a period of practice, all the cells in your body become active, thus improving the functioning of the internal organs, regenerate harden or blocked vessels, and improve the condition of nerves and senses. In this way, there is no miracle as to why so many people could regain their health, depending less on medicines or totally drop medicines once their body become healthy again.

In this issue, we analyse two common illnesses, namely: High Blood Pressure and Heart Problem. We will study their causes, common drugs used, the side effects and how Tai Chi Gong may help to improve the illnesses. The idea here is not to denial medicine totally. While following the instruction of competent doctor, the patient may choose alternative way to improve health simultaneously.

High Blood Pressure

Causes of High Blood Pressure:

It is a complex disease with a multi-factorial causes that still baffles many doctors. However there could be other underlying defects that could cause increase in blood pressure.

  1. Kidney disease, if not corrected, would lead to high blood pressure
  2. Stiffened blood vessel wall due to high salt intake
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. Blocked vessels- the heart needs to pump harder to push blood through the arteries and vessels

Drug used:

  1. Some drugs affect the blood vessel by dilating it.
  2. Some drugs affect the heart by decreasing its pumping action and rate.
  3. Some drugs affect the brain by decreasing the output of nerves that compress the vessel wall.

Side Effects of Drugs:

Many side effects:        heart conduction and pumping problems, impotency, insomnia, depression, drowsiness, headache, liver damage, dry mouth, anemia, muscle cramps, weakness, rash, constipation, allergic reaction.

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

  • Once the body cells are active, they can increase oxygen supply to the body, provide enough oxygen to the heart muscle and peripheral tissues. Thus the heart does not need to pump harder causing high blood pressure.
  • May improve the vessel wall tonicity by providing adequate supply of oxygen needed for cell metabolism
  • Soften blood vessels and regain their elasticity


Connie, 39, Singaporean: She was fat and nearly had stroke at very young age. Her blood pressure was 170/120. She took many pills each day and the side effect of the medicines caused her eyeballs to poke out. Her headache made her felt giddy and she threw up. After practicing Tai Chi Gong for a month, her blood pressure reduced to 120/90. She reduced medication and eventually stopped completely. She had weight loss of 20kg! After practicing Tai Chi Gong for two years, her hardened vessels regenerated and she even grew 5cm in height!

“High Blood Pressure may lead to Heart Attack or Stroke!”

Heart Problem

Causes of Heart Problem:

Usually heart problem is a result of other causes such as Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Inadequate supply of oxygen, nutrition and blood to the heart muscle lead to contraction of heart muscle and heart failure, thus give rise to heart attack.

This is a problem of “supply and demand” – not enough blood, oxygen, nutrition, and the heart overworked.

 Drug used:

There is not a single medicine for heart problem. The patient becomes a “pharmacy.”

Common drugs used for weak heart work in these ways:

  1. Opening up the vessels to improve blood circulation
  2. Improve pumping of the heart
  3. Slow down heart beat

Side Effects of Drugs:

Same as drugs for high blood pressure, only 60-70% patients response to the drug, while bearing the side effects such as: headache, leg swollen, kidney excretes less water out of the body, impotency, physical intolerant, exercise level decrease, high cholesterol (at least 10 side effects).

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

  • As the cells are active and body metabolism increases through exercise, they increase the supply of oxygen, blood and nutrition to the body, heart muscle and peripheral tissues. Thus reducing the workload of the heart.
  • Strengthen heart muscle by replenishing energy into the heart


* Hole In My Heart…Can Work Normally *

“I have a hole in my heart and need the in-plant of a pacemaker. I need to stop every now and then when I walk because I easily get breathless. I can only work 2 or 3 days a week and I couldn’t even wash my own taxi. In fact, I had heart attack a few times, and I’m not sure if I can survive the next one. After 6 months of learning Tai Chi Gong, I could work quite normally and I can wash my own Taxi again. After a year, I could follow the Tai Chi class for 2 hours of exercise without much difficulty. My wife said she found her man again. Guess what she meant? All I can tell you is, she is absolutely happy!”

Mr Chow, 55, Taxi Driver, Kuching , Malaysia

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Tai Chi Gong Improve High Blood Pressure & Heart Problem






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