* Tai Chi Gong Improve Migraine & Stroke


Tai Chi Gong Improve Migraine & Stroke

— Sim Tzehong.  Jan 2008

In this issue we discuss about migraine and stroke. My mum used to have migraine throughout her middle age and I can relate to the suffering she had gone through.  I had a student from Kuching, Malaysia who suffered migraine for 20 years. He healed completely after a year of practicing Tai Chi Gong. As for stroke, my parents both suffer minor stoke in their old age. I myself had half body numbness in year 2000, which is a symptom to get stroke. I started learning Tai Chi Gong then and recovered in two months.

I felt a sense of mission to teach and to continue teaching Tai Chi Gong as it is such a precious GIFT to people who are looking for effective way to heal their body.


Causes of Migraine:

It is still not well elaborated as to the cause of migraine. However, there are triggering factors for its attack.

  1. Chemicals from the diet
  2. Mechanical factors such as noise or glaring light
  3. Physical and emotional stresses stimulate the attack.

Migraine is primarily a disease of the blood vessel affecting the brain. The common point is the stretching of the blood vessel wall resulting to pain.

Drug used:

Pain relievers – minimize or prevent recurrence

Side Effects of Drugs:

  1. Blood circulation is compromised to certain vital organs
  2. Increase in blood pressure
  3. Bleeding problem
  4. Stomach upset
  5. Allergy reaction

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

Tai Chi Gong greatly enhances the vitality of our cells to take in oxygen. It Improves blood circulation in the brain. Oxygen helps to boost cellular metabolism thereby promoting vessel wall integrity and function.


* 20 Years of Terrible Migraine….Never Attack Again *                             “For the past 20 years, I had terrible Migraine. It attacked me twice a week and when it happened, I had to close my shop. My symptom improved very soon after I learnt Tai Chi Gong . After a year of practice, my migraine never attack again. Thank you Teacher Sim. I brought my wife and son to the class and insisted that they must learn Tai Chi Gong.”                                                                                                            — Yang Jiang Xiong, 35, Retail Shop Manager. Kuching , Malaysia


Causes of Stroke:

  • Stroke is the end result of the lack of oxygen in the brain.
  • Brain cell dies within 15 seconds without oxygen.
  • The deficiency of oxygen could be brought about by

o    insufficient blood perfusion to a brain segment due to occlusion of blood vessel

o    a rapture of the blood vessels that supply a specific area of the brain brought about

by a very high blood pressure.

Sign of Stroke

  • Body numbness, paralysis or weakness on one side of the body
  • Slurring of speech with facial asymmetry, altered mental status

Drug used:

  1. For stroke due to hemorrhage – drugs used are for gradual reduction of blood pressure
  2. For stroke due to blood clot in the vessel –drugs used are to dissolve the clot and to prevent further formation of the clot

Side Effects of Drugs:

Bleeding complication

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

 Active body can supply more oxygen to the brain,                         improve circulation reduces the incidence of stroke

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Tai Chi Gong Improve Migraine & Stroke



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