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— Sim Tzehong.  Dec 2008

TaiChi Gong (Tai Chi Energy) can improve modern illness. It is effective for Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Asthma, Stroke Prevention,Constipation, Joint Problems, Kidney Problem, and Gout Pain, etc. All the modern illnesses mentioned above are not caused by viruses. They are the result of degeneration of organs, bones, body tissues and vessels.

Unfortunately, thousands of people regard modern illnesses as diseases, spending their money and time in clinics and hospital, only to get some temporary solution to deal with their symptoms and not finding ways to regenerate their bodies.

It is a well known fact that western medicines have side effects, that’s why they are called “Drugs.” They are “poisonous” and acidic to certain extend.

Western medicines cannot be overdosed. When you have high blood pressure, a doctor will prescribe medicines to you and ask you not to stop taking once you started.

You may be confused. To take the medicine, you suffer side effects; not to take the medicine, your mind is not in peace. Having no other solution, you may tolerate the pain of modern illnesses and the pain of taking medicine to order to preserve your live.

The idea here is not to generalize about modern medicine and treatment. Every approach has its purpose and is suitable for the patient to certain extend. The idea here is to identify the cause of modern illnesses and the blind spots of western medicines. Once we gain new perspectives on how we view our body, we are able to find better ways to regain health and to regenerate the body.

In the following articles, we list some modern illnesses, identify their causes, the side effects and suggest how Tai Chi Gong may improve your health in the naturopathy ways.

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