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— Sim Tzehong. Apr 2014

According to the will of the late Great Grand Master Wu Tu Nam, the disciples of Tai Chi gong should achieve the following goals:

1. As a supplement way of healing to those who are ill

2. As a way of strengthening body to those who are healthy

3. Prolong life

4. Advancing into ever-progressive stages of Tai Chi Arts


1. Eat a light meal at least an hour earlier, rest well.
2. Training with an empty stomach at early morning is good, after that have a full meal.
3. Woman in the course (having period) may stop training.
4. Inform the teacher if you have any illness.
5. Inform the teacher in advance if you are going to miss a session, as a courtesy.
6. come early as the session start on time.


1. Be bare-footed, wear socks if the floor is cold, to allow contact with the earth-energy
2. Do not stand on wet ground
3. Do not allow fan/ wind to blow directly on you during training.
4. Do not drink cold water. Drink lots of warm water when you feel thirsty.
5. Stop training whenever you feel dizzy or unwell.
6. Replenish Chi-energy into “Dan Tian” (energy pool, 2 figures below navel) after each module.
7. Do Chi-massage of your whole body after each module.
8. Do not bend down your head if you have high blood pressure.
9. Whenever the training involve the head, massage the head immediately after the module and discharge excessive energy down to the earth.


1. Allow at least 30 minutes rest before shower
2. Take a good meal and rest well.


At night, if you experience overwhelming of energy and can not sleep, you need to Cool Down.

In daytime, if you feel tired, you need to Recharge.

For either one, sit on the edge of a chair with feet touching the floor or sit cross legged.

To Cool Down, channel the energy from the head and direct it to “Dan Tian,” 10-15 minutes.
You may also move your fingers & toes lightly to discharge excessive energy.

to Recharge, channel the energy from the environment to fill up your “Dan Tian,” 10-15 minutes.

Massage the “Dan Tian” when done.

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