Water Tai Chi

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Water Tai Chi – Floating Meditation


Tai Chi Floating Level 1 – Physical

Tai Chi Floating Level 2 – Mental

Tai Chi Floating Level 3 – Spiritual


The ESSENCE of Tai Chi is “R E L A X A T I O N.”

There are few levels of Relaxation:

1. Relaxation of the body – Physical
2. Relaxation of the mind – Mental
3. Relaxation of the soul – ┬áSpiritual

* At Physical level, Relaxation allows the body and meridian lines to open up channels for the energy to flow.
* At Mental level, Relaxation allows the energy to flow through the body & meridian lines.
* At Spiritual level, Relaxation allows the Chi-energy to guide the mind & body,
and to receive inspiration.

Applying Relaxation in floating, there are 3 levels of mastering too!

1. Physical: The simplest thing you need to do is to relax & lay down. You can float on the sea! The sudden release of pressure from the gravity allows your body to ease from all pains you may have. 15-30 min of floating is highly effective for muscles and bones healing.


2. Mental: If you can float for beyond 15 min, your mind is relax!
Many thoughts may come through your mind: ” is it safe to continue? …
any shark coming? …Jelly fishes below? … I can’t swim !”

If you can overcome your thoughts, you advance into the next stage.


3. Spiritual: This is my favourite stage. “The sea is my playground !”
Of course it is an advantage if you can swim, so that you are not afraid, and able to swim back at ease if the tide does carry you off the shore.

At this stage time is not an issue, you just float, pray, meditate and allow your mind and spirit to receive inspiration from heaven and the surrounding. You float as long as you like, an hour, or more!

I love floating at night, watching the moon rises above the sea, and enjoying absolute privacy on the sea.


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