* Tai Chi Gong Improve Diabetes & High Cholesterol

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Tai Chi Gong Improve Diabetes & High Cholesterol

— Sim Tzehong.  Jan 2008

This article explores the cause of Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

Studies the side effects of modern medicines and analyses how Tai Chi Gong may help to revitalise your health.


Cause of Diabetes:

1. Limitation of Insulin production by the Pancreas
2. Insulin Resistance of the body.
Without Insulin the body cannot burn away the sugar and thus causing Diabetes.

What Diabetes does?

* Poor healing of the wound and predisposition to infection – In diabetes there is a multi-organ involvement. It affects the nerves and the blood vessels of the lower extremities (e g. foot), creating decrease sensation and poor circulation of that area. The foot would be at risk for ulcers from pressure sores or from repeated skin stress and trauma. This would predispose into Infection of the foot and possibly going deeper to affect the bones. Without intervention, it would eventually cause death of the cells of that area.

* Other complications of diabetes involved the eyes, kidneys, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems.

Drug used: Anit-diabetic drugs; Insulin

1. Anit-diabetic drugs
This would help the pancreas to secrete Insulin and/ or Improve availability of Insulin.
2. Insulin Injection
Promoting entry to the cells and/or reduce sugar production in the liver.

Side Effects:

Anit-diabetic drugs is similar to forcing an ill person (pancreas) to work extra hard.  Insulin Injection is similar to force a person who has no appetite (the cell) to eat more. The drug may cause skin rash, bloating diarrhea, appetite stimulant for some drugs while suppressant for others, liver toxicity. Insulin Injected into the body may cause the blood sugar to drop at very low levels which is also as dangerous as high blood sugar; insulin allergy.

How Tai-Chi Gong may help?

* Improve functioning of pancreas in the production and secretion of insulin and Improve muscle uptake of the insulin for proper utilization.
* The body needs oxygen to “burn” (oxidized) the sugar for energy. As the cells become active through exercise, more oxygen can be absorbed into the body.

H igh Cholesterol

What Cholesterol Does?

* Essential element in the composition and integrity of cell membrane; also needed for production of important hormones.
* Used by brain cells for enhanced nerve conduction and therefore improve the overall brain cell function.

Some causes of high blood cholesterol:

1. Dietary intake: more on saturated fats/oils
2. Genetic: defect in genes for cholesterol production
3. Medications (e.g. Steroids)

Adverse effects of high Cholesterol:

Cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessel wall and, together with other blood and vessel wall components, will form a plague which cause the narrowing of the arteries. If this plaque is formed in the arteries that supply the heart, this would later cause heart attacks. The blood pressure will also increase due to the narrowed arteries.

“High Cholesterol will lead to High Blood Pressure”

Drug used:

Anti-cholesterol agents: reduce absorption of cholesterol or decrease the amount of cholesterol pool in the cell.

Side effect of drug:

Constipation; abdominal cramps; bloating; skin rash; headache; insomnia; liver abnormalities; muscle breakdown.

How Tai Chi Gong my help?

Improve cholesterol mobilization in the blood circulation and creates a suitable environment in the liver and intestinal circulation for cholesterol metabolism.


Edmond, 53 – for more than 15 years his cholesterol level has been over 300 mg/dl (max. acceptable level is 200). He had tried diets plan and medication with no success. After practicing Tai Chi Gong for 1/2 month his cholesterol level dropped to 127 mg/dl. Both the doctor and himself were amazed by the test report. He did a test a month later and the result was 158 mg/dl. He stopped medication since then he continued practicing Tai Chi Gong.

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Tai Chi Gong Improve Diabetes & High Cholesterol


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