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Your Meridians Lines & Healing — Sim Tzehong Apr 2014

The main purpose of practising Tai Chi Gong is to let the Chi-energy flows through your meridian lines. The following are some of the main meridian lines that you will experience your Chi-energy flowing through as you practise Tai Chi Gong.

The good news being, you don’t have to consciously focus on them, the process is build into the system of training.

1. The Central Meridian

Heal: Stomach & gastric illness, lung problems, asthma, high blood pressure, insomnia

2. The Belt Meridian

Heal: Dizziness, ear problems, backache, weak kidneys, cold limbs, deteriorating sexual drive & most women

3. The Front Meridian

Heal: Chest & breathing problems, asthma, sinusitis, heart problems, weak liver & gall bladder, shaking limbs, numbness, water retention in legs, frequent urinating, weak bladder, intestinal swelling, loss of appetite.

4. The Back Meridian

Heal: Tiredness, insomnia, deteriorating central nervous system, lower back nerve problem, impotency, osteoporosis (weakening of bones) , urinating, epilepsy, menstrual irregularity, vaginal discharge, limbs coldness, hair loss, premature ejection.

5. The Yinwei & Yanqwei Meridian (4)

Heal: High blood pressure, diabetes, low blood pressure headache, dizziness, shoulder-ache, rheumatism and arthritis.

6. The Yinqqiao & Yanqqiao Meridian (4)

Heal: Impotency. weak kidneys, testicles pain, premature ejaculation, deafness.

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Your Meridian Lines & Healing


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